When passion for the building industry set in with managing director Damien Weeks, he wanted nothing more than to open the doors of BBC Qld. Damiens vision to build anything that was inspirational to reside in has lead him to the construction of hospitals, nursing villages, schools and building innovative homes. Maintaining strong client relationships and satisfaction as the spine of the project.
Founded in August 2013, Damien quickly became high in demand and well respected within the commercial sector. Damiens attention to detail, versatility, reliability, quick thinking and problem solving skills saw him soar. Forced into employing staff, Damien found himself thoroughly enjoying educating the ‘next generation’ of carpenters and pushing into residential builds .
“I didn't have to look far to realise most homes are copies of another” Something Damien aspires to change within the Toowoomba region “I like to encourage clients to push their creative boundaries and create their own”.
“Working with clients and helping them envision their own ‘one off’ excites me , It doesn't have to be an entire home, it can be one feature within, something that gives them that proud feeling time and time again”. Proving to be a successful approach after winning at the 2018 Master Builders awards $551’000 - $650’000 category, BBC Qld’s first EVER nomination.
At BBC Qld, Acknowledging education, self growth, commitment and striving for the next chapter, are all key points in thriving to revolutionise the construction industry. Influencing the way clients, competition and potential employees envision their future. All inspired by our foundations.
“Being the director, I have to excel at providing for my team. In return the team continually raise to new heights. Together we create a force to do what's right for our clients.”
Thats where our moto comes from “Reside Inside The Best” - You deserve it.